Do Residential Treatment Centers Work? Our Outcomes Say YES!

As a parent, facing your teenager's mental health crisis can be overwhelming. We understand the uncertainty and worry that comes with it as you ask, "Do residential treatment centers work?" At Oxbow Academy, we want you to know that there is hope. Our most recent outcomes paint a vivid picture of transformation and recovery. It's not just about statistics; it's about the incredible journeys of healing and growth that we've witnessed. We invite you to review our outcomes below and explore the stories of resilience, hope, and success families experienced at Oxbow Academy.

At Oxbow Academy, our dedication to providing the highest quality care for your teenager is unwavering. To achieve this, we harness the transformative potential of outcomes. Beyond mere statistics, outcomes play a pivotal role in client progress tracking, program evaluation, and continuous improvements. See how Oxbow Academy uses outcomes in the program and download your copy of our most recent outcome study.

Client Progress Tracking

Utilizing outcomes enables us to measure the advancement of clients and families, tracking their improvement journey.

Program Enhancement Assessment

Outcomes help us evaluate and enhance our program, ensuring its continuous improvement.

Informed Research

Employing outcomes for research purposes benefits both clients and the program, driving improvements informed by valuable insights.


Oxbow Academy Annual Outcomes Report

Delve into this comprehensive report detailing our utilization of outcomes, summarizing our achievements, and outlining our forthcoming research pathways.

Overview of Oxbow Academy
Outcomes and Key Findings

Oxbow Academy students take an internationally respected, scientifically validated survey when they begin treatment; they take the same survey when they leave. A comparison of these two time-points confirms statistically significant behavior change between intake and discharge.

Outcome Tools
Outcomes and Key Findings

Youth Outcomes Questionnaire

The Average Y-OQ Score of Students Shows a Remarkable 31% Improvement From the Time of Admission to the Point of Discharge.


Youth Outcomes Questionnaire (Y-OQ-2.01)


Student Diagnoses + Symptoms
Students At Oxbow Academy Programs Struggle With The Following Issues

66% - Impulse Control Disorder

17% - Anxiety Disorder

12% - Behavioral Disorder

11% - ADHD

8% - Substance Use Disorder

Student Feedback
Outcomes and Key Findings

  • 0%

At discharge, 98% of students reported much improvement as a result of finishing the program.

  • 0%

At discharge, 94% of students reported feeling that their therapeutic needs were being met while at Oxbow Academy.

  • 0%

At discharge, 93% of students reported that they felt like Oxbow Academy helped them and their families.

* The research methodology includes the administration of an automated survey to all Students at predetermined intervals during treatment for data gathering purposes.

Parent Feedback
Outcomes and Key Findings

  • 0%

At discharge, 94% of parents reported they would recommend this program to a friend if they had a child needing this level of treatment

  • 0%

94% of parents reported that they felt part of the treatment process.

  • 0%

96% of parents reported being satisfied with the quality of treatment they received at Oxbow Academy

* The research methodology includes the administration of an automated survey to all Parents at predetermined intervals during treatment for data gathering purposes.