Clinical Services

Clinical Services

Holistic Approach

Oxbow Academy specializes in treating boys ages 12-17 with sexual related issues. Our holistic approach helps students recognize and deal with behavioral, emotional, and social problems that contribute to their sexual issues. Oxbow uses a strength-based experiential model where we emphasize honesty, accountability, empathy, and family reunification.

A 90-day assessment is required for all students. This assessment includes a validation test administered by an independent, licensed psychologist. Parents or consultants may choose from one of three professionals to administer and evaluate these tests. The psychologist will review all clinical notes, academic notes, and residential staff input regarding the student. The psychologist will then make recommendations to you about the best way to help your son on his road to recovery.

Oxbow’s strength-based treatment model is therapeutically intensive. Students participate weekly in sex-specific individual, family, and group therapy. Unlike other programs who take a cookie cutter approach to therapy, Oxbow Academy is a task-based model allowing therapists to tailor treatment on an individual level according to each student’s needs. Additional therapeutic and psycho-educational groups include equine therapy, horsemanship, music, art, social skills, adoption, healthy relationships, and substance abuse.

Upon admission, Oxbow students receive a full medical evaluation. Our Medical Coordinator is on staff to supervise medication management and meet medical needs as they arise. A psychiatrist also routinely meets with students to review medication issues as needed.


All Oxbow therapists are Master’s level certified clinicians. The Clinical Director, Todd Spaulding, has a C-SAT certification, and our other therapists are in the process of obtaining that credential. We are members of the Association for the Treatment of Sexual Abusers (ATSA), an international group dedicated to promoting research, information exchange, and professional education. We are also associated with Society for the Advancement of Sexual Health (SASH). At Oxbow Academy, we use research-based standards and practices as outlined in the Association for the Treatment of Sexual Abusers.

We are also members of the Utah Network on Juveniles Offending Sexually (NOJOS). NOJOS advocates a “holistic, humanistic and developmentally consistent model” for working with teens with sexual issues. The goal is to help these adolescents take responsibility for their past behaviors and develop new competencies.

“We were sent here by our consultant and she recommended that we match our son with a therapist that had experience dealing with his struggles. We could not be more happy with the help we received and the kind of care our son enjoyed while at Oxbow. He talks about his therapist and the things he learned there all the time which I know have been an anchor to him as he continues to grow and work toward his goals.” – Parents

If you would prefer to discuss your situation with a counselor, you can call an admissions counselor at 855-676-4272.

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Oxbow Academy is open for admission but are only allowing virtual tours at this time. We are following guidelines established by the CDC and the Department of Utah Heath regarding COVID-19.