Our program is designed to help families heal

Taking a deeper look at our program and how we are helping families heal one student at a time.

Oxbow Academy is designed for boys 12-18 who are engaging in sexually inappropriate behaviors.   Along with sexual issues, many of our students also struggle with ADHD, anxiety, depression, adoption issues, social incompetence, self-injurious behavior and other psychological issues.

Oxbow’s treatment approach is holistic and strength-based, not shame-based or confrontational. Clinicians work to determine what the student’s issues were before sexual behaviors began. Using the Good Lives model, they help each student discover the competencies they already possess, building on those strengths to overcome the issues they face.

Our program philosophy is built around what we call our Heartbeat. We invite you to explore this section of the website for an in-depth explanation of our treatment philosophy and approach.

Oxbow Academy’s Heartbeat

“We are engaged in and dedicated to helping out students and their families identify and disrupt negative behavioral patterns while enhancing, supporting, developing and internalizing positive living patterns and principles.

We accomplish this by demonstrating a passionate commitment to honesty, integrity, understanding, love, compassion, patience and personal accountability to the treatment process.”

If you would prefer to discuss your situation with a counselor, we invite you to call an admissions counselor, at 855-676-4272.

Oxbow Academy – New Hope, New Help, No Secrets.™