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The First Step

If your son is struggling with sexual issues, he is usually also experiencing shame, embarrassment, and emotionally painful secrets. This evaluation process helps him take the first step toward healing by owning his story, battling shameful thinking, and being more transparent in a safe environment.  This allows him to move forward in a comfortable way and share these very sensitive clinically significant issues with his therapist and with you. After each evaluation, your son’s unique treatment needs are better understood by Oxbow’s clinical team.

Your son’s evaluation process will meet research standards due to Oxbow Academy being a Research Designated program through the National Association of Therapeutic Schools and Programs (NATSAP). As part of the evaluation phase, your son will be integrated into academics, residential living, and therapy groups consistent with, but separate from, the standard Oxbow milieu. As your son navigates the emotional process of self-disclosure and programmatic living, he will begin the process of re-establishing trust with you and the program.

Upon your son’s successful completion of the disclosure process, which includes a clinical polygraph, all of the treatment notes, residential notes, academic progress reports, validation test report, disclosure, and sexual history are submitted to an independent licensed psychologist, of your choosing, who specializes in adolescent psycho-sexual evaluations, along with a Sexual Behavioral Risk Assessment (SBRA). This provides parents a third party, unbiased evaluation complete with treatment recommendations.

If your son has already received some form of psychological evaluation or even a psycho-sexual evaluation, all previous testing will be reviewed and amendments will be added where necessary. However, because some students have not been completely honest about their sexual behaviors in previous counseling or therapeutic settings, test results can be incomplete and not fully accurate. Once a fully accurate evaluation is completed, clinicians, families and educational consultants can determine the best possible course of continued treatment for your son, moving forward.

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