Diagnostic Evaluation Center

Assessment and Evaluation Center

You can help your son with his sexual issues through our evaluation process. In a safe environment, your son can battle shameful thinking, own his story, and be more transparent. He can move forward and feel comfortable sharing sensitive, clinically significant issues with his therapist and you.

Oxbow Academy is a Research Designated Program (RDP) through the National Association of Therapeutic Schools and Programs (NATSAP). With this backing, you can feel confident that your son’s evaluation process will meet research standards. Your son will integrate into academics, residential living, and therapy groups during this evaluation process. As your son navigates the emotional process of self-disclosure, he will begin to reestablish trust with you and the program. After your son completes the disclosure process, you will receive:

clinical polygraph notes
• treatment notes
• residential notes
• academic progress reports
• validation test report
• disclosure
• sexual history

We can then send this information to an independently licensed psychologist, of your choice, who specializes in adolescent psycho-sexual evaluations and Sexual Behavioral Risk Assessment (SBRA). This gives you a third party, unbiased evaluation and treatment recommendations. If your son has previously received a psychological evaluation, your son’s psychologist will review and use it when helpful. However, because some students have not been completely honest about their sexual behaviors in previous counseling or therapeutic settings, test results can be incomplete and not fully accurate. Once a fully accurate evaluation is completed, clinicians, families, and educational consultants can determine the best possible course of continued treatment for your son.

If you would prefer to discuss your situation with a counselor, please call an admissions counselor at 855-676-4272.


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