Parental Participation

Parental Participation

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Enrolling a child in treatment at Oxbow is, in a way, enrolling parents too. Treatment is most successful when parents are highly involved in and supportive of the therapeutic process. The goal is not only helping the student become whole but healing the family as well. Our parents are also required to participate in family therapy and/or parent track that was designed by our Clinical Director, Todd Spaulding, to help your family system change any negative patterns that may affect their son’s issues as well. The parent track also allows one on one time with just the therapist to answer any concerns or questions parents may have and be able to work together as a team to help their son move forward in healing.

We strongly urge parents to help their sons accept responsibility for their behaviors and acknowledge the need for treatment. Students demonstrate commitment as they begin following their treatment plans, working on their unique problems in each phase. Families demonstrate their commitment by answering questions about their students honestly and openly during the assessment phase, by participating in weekly family therapy sessions, and by completing therapy assignments that correlate with their students’ therapy work.

If you would prefer to discuss your situation with a counselor, we invite you to call an admissions counselor, at 855-676-4272.

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