Oxbow Jr. House

Oxbow Academy Launches New Program For Early Adolescents, Ages 11-13

Due to the need to provide specialized services and care to younger students, Oxbow Academy is opening a house specifically for sexually reactive young men between 11 and 13 years old.

Students at the house will receive a thorough 90-Day Sexual Risk Assessment at the beginning of their stay. If it is deemed clinically appropriate, eligible students may undergo a clinical polygraph examination. They will be separated from the older students throughout the treatment process. Their treatment will be tailored and specialized to their emotional, mental and behavioral needs.


At Oxbow Junior your child will use a blended learning model of traditional classroom methods. This will include direct teaching instruction with teacher-led classrooms, student collaboration and discussions, while advancing to technology introduction on Edgenuity, our digital curriculum. This teaches the use of technology in a self-paced, yet safe and controlled environment.


Treatment is based on the mental and emotional needs of these young men. Oxbow Academy uses a trauma-informed treatment approach. This approach is designed to address sexually reactive behavior in an age-appropriate way.


The young men will benefit from a specialized approach to residential care. Oxbow Jr. House is kept small by design. There are only 16 beds, creating an intimate setting that allows each student to get the attention he needs.

Treatment at Oxbow Academy is built around forging healthy relationships. The students' healthy behavior is encouraged by a positive rewards system.

The relationships driven treatment model has two phases. If students are in the conflict phase, then they have issues that need to be addressed. If students are in the connection phase, then they are in balance and connection in their relationships.

The residential setting is a place where students learn healthy skill-building activities. They also have the opportunity to engage in age-appropriate activities, such as toys and games.


Melanie G. Anderson

Oxbow Jr. House Coordinator
Before becoming Oxbow Jr. House Coordinator, Melanie G. Anderson served as a day shift supervisor for West House and a youth mentor. She is a mother of five children.

Kevin Bailey

Assistant Clinical Director
Kevin has a Masters of School Counseling / Mental Health Counseling and is a Certified Sex Addiction Therapist (CSAT). He provides students in his care with structure and compassion.