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by Mom on Oxbow Academy
Different Child

I am so grateful for the entire staff. You all do so much for these kids. They are carrying such burdens and it takes a place of love to welcome them in and work for them each and every day. They have helped him grow so much this past year. I have a different child coming back to me and I am so excited!

by Mom's Letter to her son while here at Oxbow on Oxbow Academy
In Good Hands

"I am so glad I attended the Parent/Teacher conference. Not only did I learn a lot about the school, I had the privilege to meet impressive students and staff members. You're in good hands, the rest is up to you."

by One Grateful Mother on Oxbow Academy
Miracles Do Actually Happen

Today was my son's last equine session. It was a bittersweet exit, as he has mourned the loss of the peers and staff he had so reluctantly grown attached to, but reveled in the joy that his sister, with whom he had not spoken in almost 2 years, made a surprise appearance. Days before I left she announced that she was ready for closure and finally ready to see her brother. A miracle I never thought was possible. It has been incredibly emotional few days. I am overcome with gratitude for the time and effort they put into my son. Today he starts yet another program and a new chapter in his now adult life with autism. This group has meant a lot to me. My son was also able to say goodbye to the ones he will miss most, Tony (Equine Director) and Tequilla (Horse), and have an amazing reunification equine session with my very own miracle, his sister. You see miracles do actually happen, it's just when you least expect them.

by Almuni Parent on Oxbow Academy
Looking Forward

Thanks again so much for taking our son to the top. He is much changed and matured. He just got his first job and we are looking forward to career counseling and even bigger and better things to come!

by One Happy Mom on Oxbow Academy
One Happy Mom

I wanted to reach out to you to let you know we had a fantastic recent visit with our son. He was so relaxed and fun to be with! I heard some amazing things from him. He told me that he wished he had been at Oxbow first instead of the other facilities he went to. He said he feels like he is with people that have the same issues he does and they understand. He was even using some Oxbow lingo and strategies with his younger siblings!! At the end of the day he said he couldn’t wait to tell the guys how much fun he had. I wondered if leaving would be difficult but it wasn’t – he was calm and collected and seemed more mature to me. Praise the Lord!

I see real transition happening with him and I want to be sure the staff get this feedback as well. Just seeing what it’s like there on the weekend was overwhelming for me so I want to be sure they know that their work is evident and appreciated. I love my son more than I can articulate and to have folks help him develop and grow is a blessing I cherish.

Thank you again to all involved

One happy mom

by Parent on Oxbow Academy

"It is great to see how far our son has developed since being at Oxbow. Pretty exciting for us.....and a huge testament to Oxbow!"