At the time of enrollment, families are required to pay the first and last month’s tuition. In addition, there is a charge for psychological testing, as well as an enrollment fee. Parents are also required to open an incidental account for their son.

Oxbow Academy is happy to work with any funding source parents designate. We require a signed contract between Oxbow and any third party. We also require a written agreement with parents to pay any remaining balances left unpaid by third party providers.

When admission occurs before the 15th of the month, the first month's tuition is pro-rated to reflect the admission date. When admission occurs after the 15th of the month, Oxbow Academy requires pro-rated payment for the remainder of the month in addition to the full first and last month's tuition.

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Tax Deduction Information

Please provide the following information to your tax adviser so they can assist you in making the proper deduction.
You may wish to refer to Internal Revenue Code (Section 213a) for additional information on allowable deduction percentages of expenses related to the care for your son or daughter.

Court examples of rulings that support medical expense deduction related to enrollment in a special school for your child:

  • --Griesdorf, Lawrence, (1970) 54 TC 1684) Enrollment of a child not cooperating in school and often physically sick related to result of parental divorce and father's suicide.
  • --Urbauer, Charles, (1992) TC Memo 1992-170) Enrollment of a 17 yr old with severe behavioral and drug abuse related problems in a college preparatory school program designed to meet the educational and emotional needs of students with problems.

When the proper criteria are met, all tuition (including all food and lodging) and additional expenses including transportation to and from the program should be discussed as a deduction with your tax adviser. You should discuss other related expenses with your tax adviser.

Additional Resources for your tax adviser:

  • Internal Revenue Code Section 213(a)
  • Treasury Regulation Section 1.123-1(e)
  • Revenue Ruling 70-285
  • Private Letter Ruling 8447014
  • Court Cases: Griesdorf, Lawrence, (1970) 54 TC 1684;
  • Pazos, Jose, (1987) TC Memo 1987-131;
  • Urbauer, Charles, (1992) TC Memo 1992-170

If you would prefer to discuss your situation with a counselor, we invite you to call an admissions counselor at 855-676-4272.

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