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Top Treatment Program for Autism and Hypersexuality in Teens

Managing Autism and Hypersexuality: A Comprehensive Guide to Understanding and Treating Sexually Inappropriate Behavior Among Teens on the Autism Spectrum

- Therapeutic Living Environment

Oxbow Academy's Specialized Community for Treating Autism and Hypersexuality in Teens

Oxbow Academy is a residential treatment center for teenage boys dealing with sexually inappropriate behavior. If you have an autistic son who struggles with hypersexual behavior we can help. Whether he's battling chronic masturbation, a pornography addiction, or something else, our expert therapists will know how to help your son.

Our program has been carefully designed to cater to the needs of neurodivergent teenagers. We have a dedicated campus that is specifically tailored to support boys who face challenges related to autism and hypersexuality. Our Neurodiverse Campus may be appropriate for your child if he struggles with:

  • Level 1 Autism Symptoms
  • Pervasive Developmental Disorder (PDD)
  • Nonverbal Learning Disorder (NLD)
  • Recognizing and decoding social cues (Social Pragmatic Communication Disorder)
  • Social skills difficulties
  • Sensory issues
  • Difficulties with understanding how other people think and feel, or how their behavior affects other people
  • Narrow interests, which could include unusual sexual interests.
Oxbow Academy Empowering Boys with Sexual Issues and Special Needs

You can place your son in a therapeutic living environment where we can address his issues with a unique style of social interaction. We use repetition and role modeling to help students understand and incorporate therapeutic principles without the frustrations they sometimes experience in programs where the main focus is on Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), or in other words, “talk therapy”.

Since 2006, Oxbow Academy has provided a therapeutic, residential, and academic program that treats each student in a personalized, holistic way. At Oxbow's Neurodiverse Campus, you can give your son a smaller, more personalized therapy setting to help him deal with his sexually inappropriate behavior and social challenges.

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    - Treatment That Works -

    We're Here To Help. Recovery Is Possible.

    Your teen can recover from sexual behavioral problems. Contact one of our trained representatives for a free, private consultation

    Healing from Sexual Boundaries: Oxbow Academy's Specialized Support

    Many parents worry that their son will be labeled as a sexual “predator,” “pedophile,” or “sex offender”. Courts create these terms for adult offenders. It’s important for parents, consultants, and private clinicians to understand that this kind of court language is clinically inaccurate when it comes to describing Oxbow students.

    Students at Oxbow Academy have broken sexual boundaries and struggle with sexual compulsiveness. They commonly have been victims of sexual abuse or sexual trauma. Our East Campus students are often emotionally disconnected from their surroundings. Oxbow students use sexual acting out as a means of coping with stress and anxiety, in the same way as other teens may choose to abuse substances or other self-harm behaviors. They are not in the same category clinically or developmentally as adults with histories of sexual misconduct.

    Typically, a path of addiction has led toward your son to break sexual boundaries. Oxbow clinicians are trained in sexual specific therapy. You and your son can identify and understand the connection between addiction, sexual reactivity, and sexual compulsiveness with the help of our clinicians.

    The Language of Therapy

    Will My Son Be Safe?

    Your son’s emotional and physical safety is our first priority. Oxbow Academy is not a state-mandated detention facility. We are a therapeutically-based residential treatment center where our students are privately placed in treatment by their families.

    To ensure the emotional and physical safety of the group, both the East and West campuses have a series of specific safety protocols. These safety procedures include:

    • 24/7 camera and motion sensor monitoring of sleeping areas
    • Line of sight supervision at all times by staff
    • Private bathroom/shower facilities used by students one at a time
    Why Seek Specialized Treatment

    What About the Other Students?

    Some parents worry that their son will get worse from associating with other boys with similar struggles. At our campus, our students help each other in their healing process. Because they share two commonalities, adolescent sexual behavior problems and developmental issues, the boys at our East Campus can create a community of support and understanding. This promotes disclosure and helps create group therapy environments where boys feel physically and emotionally safe to participate.


    Specialized Support: Training and Care for Neurodiverse Students

    Our clinical and mentor staff are specially trained in the cognitive, emotional, and social attributes of students who struggle with ASD, NLD, PDD, and other developmental concerns. Our supportive residential environment helps prepare non-neurotypical students to progress in therapy sessions. Therapists and residential mentors work together to help students start the healing process and feel comfortable in our living community.

    Treating Porn and Sex Addiction
    - Podcast Series

    Listen to Our Podcast About Understanding Teen Autism and Hypersexuality.

    Disclaimer- Please remember that this podcast is not a replacement for therapy, nor do we provide legal advice. Please always seek a mental health professional and lawyer for your situation.

    Welcome to our podcast, Navigating Problematic Sexual Behaviors in Teenage Boys. If you're a parent whose son battles autism and hypersexuality, you may wonder why teens on the spectrum struggle with sexually inappropriate behavior.

    While Oxbow Academy treats a variety of compulsive sexual behavior in teenage boys, this podcast will specifically address how parents can help teenage boys diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder and who struggle with hypersexuality and sexually inappropriate behavior.

    Our goal with this podcast is to provide support and guidance to parents who have an autistic teenage boy engaging in sexually inappropriate behavior.

    We understand the challenges and want you to know that you are not alone in facing this difficult situation. There are support, strategies, and resources available to help you navigate through this complex and distressing experience. It is important to note that while we offer general guidance, this podcast is not a replacement for therapy, and advice should be sought from a qualified professional for your specific situation.

    Helping Parents Help Their Teen
    You Have Questions, We Have Answers. Your Call is Confidential.

    Oxbow Academy is fully operational during the COVID-19 crisis. Contact us if you need help with treatment for sexual addiction, sexual abuse, pornography abuse and other compulsive behavior issues.

    Knowing When to Seek Help

    Many parents find it difficult to tell healthy curiosity about sex from a potentially dangerous situation. There are clinical evaluations that can help make that determination easier. One of these evaluations is the Sexual Addiction Screening Test (SAST).

    On the SAST, you will answer a series of simple yes or no questions about their teen. The answers are completely confidential. No information connects you to your assessment. After you complete the SAST, you will be taken to a new page that shows a score representing the level of risk.

    After you get your score, you will have the chance to request a call from someone who can help answer your questions. You will only be contacted if you make a request. Whether you request a call or not, your information will remain confidential, and you will be under no obligation.