Owning Your Own Story – Polygraph



The polygraph is a recording instrument that is designed to help our students participate in a program that will help them rebuild trust with parents and family and start down a new path of trust and peace.

“It was a chance for me to become open… to start that foundation of trust again, and break down the walls that were already there.”

“It made me realize for the first time that I really did need help and that I did have a problem.”


The use of this recording device – not a lie detector machine, as there is no such thing as a lie detector machine – is designed to bring our students peace, to help them reach a foundation of truth and trust with their family and in their important relationships.

“It’s often because they do like us that they lie to us, they don’t want to hurt us!” – Dr. Marina Money

“Programs that include a polygraph exam as part of their treatment program, the kids seem to spend a lot let time in therapy than they do with the kids that take polygraph exams not at all or rarely.” John Pickup

Often parents of students who have been paying for treatment or therapy find that once they participate in a polygraph and evaluation process their student begins to progress. This can bring a realization that time spent prior to this evaluation may have been wasted time and money.
We want to help you son progress as fast as possible and return to family environment and healthy relationships and goals. We have developed an evaluation process that serves our students and their families in achieving that goal.
It is our hope that if you feel like any part of our program or this type of honest evaluation will benefit your family and son you would call us immediately to learn more and start the path to recovery and health. Call us at: 855-676-4272