Building a Foundation of Trust

The polygraph is a recording instrument that is designed to help students build a foundation of truth and trust. It is not a lie detector machine, those do not exist, but our polygraph is a recording instrument that records physiology associated with one’s involuntary nervous system. Our polygraph records physiological response patterns that happens when one knows that they are lying. Our goal is not about catching students in a lie, but to catch them telling the truth. Through our polygraph, teens can more easily open up and let go of shame. It speeds up the healing process by getting right to the root of the problem and putting everyone on the same page. Being open and honest is the first step to healing and peace.

“It was a chance for me to become open… to start that foundation of trust again, and break down the walls that were already there.”

“It made me realize for the first time that I really did need help and that I did have a problem.”

“It’s often because they do like us that they lie to us, they don’t want to hurt us!” – Dr. Marina Money

“In the programs that include a polygraph exam as part of their treatment program, the kids seem to spend a lot less time in therapy than they do with the kids that take polygraph exams not at all or rarely.” John Pickup

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