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Oxbow’s academic model helps students receive remedial help, graduate from high school, or prepare for post secondary learning opportunities. We have the ability to customize each student’s educational needs. Oxbow is a year round institution. Education is vital at this time in a young person’s life. Many parents find comfort in knowing their child’s education is being made a priority.

Oxbow’s academic team is comprised of licensed educators and our core curriculum is approved by the Utah State Office of Education. The academic program is competency based and focuses on learning outcomes. In other words, students master the skills being taught with at least an 80% proficiency or better. Oxbow’s curriculum is designed to meet Individualized Educational Plans (IEP) and federal 504 education standards.

As students progress therapeutically, we typically see a dramatic improvement in their academic achievements as well. Improved self-esteem, direct teaching, one-on-on tutoring, and individualized learning plans help students catch and often surpass their peers in traditional academic settings. Adolescents at Oxbow flourish in more ways that one.

Students typically work one on one with their teachers to make sure they understand course material and are progressing through each chapter and are engaged in a curriculum that ensures true competency. Again, we aim for subject mastery. Academic goals are made in conjunction with the student’s parents, therapist and teachers. Students requiring more challenging course work are encouraged to participate in the Advanced Placement program. Academic excellence is something we take great pride in and enjoy watching our students excel and reach their potential.

If you any questions or would prefer to discuss your situation with a counselor, we invite you to call our admissions coordinator at 855-676-4272.

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