Therapy at a competitive level as Oxbow students place in local horse show competition

Tony and Brita, the Equine Specialist here at Oxbow Academy, give the students an amazing opportunity to learn and grow through competition. The boys are able to practice for and compete in community horse show competitions. They get to show off their skills in Barrel Racing, Poles, Flags, Jumping and Western Pleasure Riding.
The boys gave the following insights towards their experience:
Therapy at a competitive level as Oxbow students place in local horse show competition
“Tony and Brita are like our family. They push us to do better and are always there to support us. When things come up in equine that are scary and new they are there supporting us and working with us. When we make it through them they are there to celebrate. It helps me see in life when scary things come up that are new I know that I can face them and succeed with my family right there supporting me.”

“I was really nervous before the competition but when I had made it through all my events and was all done I felt really good about myself. It really helped my self confidence.”
The boosts in self confidence do not escape the eyes of Tony and Brita –

“It is amazing to see the change in the boys from when they first step into the competition to when they are all done, their eyes are just glowing with pride and accomplishment knowing that they have just done something new and succeeded. It really helps their self esteem.”
All of the boys placed in their events and are looking forward to the next competition! They are excited about working hard and honing their skills to do even better next time.

Brita and Tony behind the scenes with big hearts and smiles!