Troubled Teens Play Ball!

On June 29th, we had our monthly bonus activity – the one we have when none of the students have acted out.  After several different activities were thrown on the table we decided on playing softball.  The admissions team, mentors and students went over to Moroni to the soft ball fields.  When everyone arrived at the fields we all lined up and counted off to divide into teams. It was kind of crazy at first, I think several of us forgot how to catch, throw a ball and even hit.  After a couple innings everyone started getting the hang of the game.  It was so much fun watching the different personalities come out in the students and even the staff.  It was just a relaxing day with no pressure and no worrying about something important to get done.  It was a day just to enjoy each others company and have a good laugh.  We played about 9 innings then decided that we had played enough.  After it was over we went back to Oxbow where Charlotte had prepared a BBQ lunch for everyone.  We had hamburgers or hot dogs, salads, chips, fruit and dessert.  It was YUMMY!!!!  Overall, it was a very fun filled day.   By Bill Pollock, Residential Director