Oxbow Team to Teach Colleagues in Troubled Teen Care

Oxbow’s Executive Director Shawn Brooks have been invited to present a seminar at the national convention of the National Association of Therapeutic Schools and Programs (NATSAP).

The invitation comes on the heels of a presentation called “Boys Will Be Boys?” made at local and regional NATSAP conferences.

In that presentation, Shawn taught other professionals at troubled teen programs how to identify students that may be struggling with sexual issues. They also explained, using examples from annonymous Oxbow students, how boys are able to get away with inappropriate sexual behaviors while they are in therapeutic programs treating them for other issues.

“Students will try to use humor or thinking errors to justify their behaviors,” explains Todd. “Unless therapy professionals know what to look for, this kind of sexual acting out can be minimized or overlooked entirely.”

The national NATSAP conference is scheduled for February, 2012.