The Next Chapter

The mother of one of our wonderful graduates sent this message today:


 I just finished looking over some blogs on the website..It brings tears to my eyes to see the stories becasue they hit me so close in the heart.  I felt some things on my heart that I just wanted to share.  It has been 3 years since * was sent to wilderness and our lives were turned upside down for a bit longer.  I think about these days often.  Not sure why I just do.  Today he turned 20 and it breaks my heart that my baby is no longer a teen but a true age adult.  I thank GOD each and every day for the path we took 3 years ago, because I have my son here today to celebrate his 20th birthday…His extended family in wilderness and Oxbow celebrated several bdays with him and I think that made each of us a bit stronger.

I read the stories of the parents/grandparents and I just want them to know that they are making the most important decision in their life for the time being to help their son/grandson and it is okay…It is okay to be scared, worried, unsure, happy (which does come) sad, hurt, mad, lost..all these feelings are normal and natural.  For God NEVER gives us anythng we can’t handle BUT HE does help us through them as long as we let him.  And that is where James and I found the courage and strength to get us through those days of treatment. 

* is home now, he has decided to move back to *. I am sure he will be visiting you when he comes back the 18th to pack up..But I just want you to know that we could never thank you enough for all you have done and continue to do in our lives and *’s.  

Please know that we are here to help any parent that needs to talk..I may not always have the right words but sometimes it is hard to get my thoughts out.  I treasure our friendship as well as the other friendships we developed with the Oxbow family.  You guys mean the world to us…

Thanks again for all you have done for us and for what you do each and every day…I hope to be able to attend a seminar sometime in the future. 

Talk to ya soon