Teen Sex Therapy Isn’t the Problem

I just tried to create a company profile for Oxbow on LinkedIn. We’re looking for as many ways as possible to let parents, private professionals, and even other programs know we’re out here – and we can help.

Oxbow is committed to educating families and professionals about teen sexual behaviors. There is so much misunderstanding and so much mis-diagnosis about the underlying causes of these behaviors.

As I prepared to submit the profile, the LinkedIn site warned me there was offensive content in the post and it was unacceptable.

No kidding. What isn’t acceptable, to me personally, is the way our children are bombarded with sexual messages from the moment they’re old enough to navigate an iPad (age 2 in the case of my grandson) to the moment their lives end – sometimes tragically due to substance abuse or suicide.

Why doesn’t anybody say that’s unacceptable?

I re-wrote our LinkedIn profile and softened it a bit. I used the word ‘sexual’ and included hyphens wherever possible. I wanted parents and others to still have a very specific understanding of what Oxbow is and does.

LinkedIn has a valid point. They’re trying to protect their site from being over-run with porn vendors. As parents, grandparents, neighbors and friends, we should do the same. Just how  how much are we willing to engage with a media world saturated with sexual content?

We may have to tell providers of the  cool, contemporary, or even critically acclaimed, “Sorry. Your content is unacceptable.”  Jennifer Jones, Media Specialist, RedCliff Ascent Family of Therapy Services