When Sexual Abuse Happens at Home

The “Smith” family shares their story of brothers who were victims and how they found help. [audio:|titles=SmithFamily]
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Pain, Patience and Progress for Struggling Teens

As therapists at Oxbow, we are here to help students develop insight into their thought, feeling and behavioral patterns.  We love this work and are privileged to work with wonderful students and families. As our students change, their families change. ...
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Just Enough Pressure for Troubled Teens to Find Success

Just Enough Pressure for Troubled Teens to Find Success. I was having a conversation with a colleague of mine the other day, when he shared with me a story about something he had witnessed at one of our sister programs. It was a story that I instantly...
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Parents Dreams for Troubled Teen Become Reality

Parents Dreams for Troubled Teen Become Reality. On a recent trip to California I was visiting with the family of a recent Oxbow graduate at his home. While we were talking his parents had a meaningful realization. They were talking about how they were...
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The Static Relationship: No Fairytale for Troubled Teens

A few months ago I was involved in a therapeutic intervention with a 15 yr old young man who was stalled out in his treatment.  He had decided to resist all efforts to re-engage the therapeutic process and take personal accountability for the state of...
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Courageous Parents: Loving Pressure Brings Honesty, Accountability and Healing

For the past several months Oxbow staff has been working with a young man on completing his full disclosure.  He was initially highly resistant to disclose, although had dabbled in it.  As the items on his disclosure were altered by the week, it was...
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