mood disorders

Changing Pathways with Troubled Teens

Today I spent time with the troubled teens in my therapy group at the East campus discussing some of the science behind the addicted brain.  This topic was started because we were discussing how to change deviant thoughts into thoughts that are healthy...
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The Power of Honesty in the Best Teen Therapy

Recently one of the clients with whom I work was able to see his sibling for the first time in a year.  Their meeting over Skype was possible due to this student’s progress in the program.  That progress consisted of working through two clinical phases,...
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Pain, Patience and Progress for Struggling Teens

As therapists at Oxbow, we are here to help students develop insight into their thought, feeling and behavioral patterns.  We love this work and are privileged to work with wonderful students and families. As our students change, their families change. ...
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Just Enough Pressure for Troubled Teens to Find Success

Just Enough Pressure for Troubled Teens to Find Success. I was having a conversation with a colleague of mine the other day, when he shared with me a story about something he had witnessed at one of our sister programs. It was a story that I instantly...
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Mountain Lions, Struggling Teens, and New Perspectives

Oxbow’s Residential Director, Bill Pollock,  shared this essay by MS, one of our students. “This is the reason that we take the kids out and let them experience what we do,” Bill says. “It is always fun to watch them work through...
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Oxbow Team to Teach Colleagues in Troubled Teen Care

Oxbow’s Executive Director Shawn Brooks and Clinical Director Todd Spaulding have been invited to present a seminar at the national convention of the National Association of Therapeutic Schools and Programs (NATSAP). The invitation comes on the...
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