equine therapy


Just Enough Pressure for Troubled Teens to Find Success

Just Enough Pressure for Troubled Teens to Find Success. I was having a conversation with a colleague of mine the other day, when he shared with me a story about something he had witnessed at one of our sister programs. It was a story that I instantly...
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Troubled Teens Gain the Confidence to Try

Confidence n. 1. trust, reliance 2 belief in one’s own abilities 3 an invisible force I teach art here at Oxbow Academy. My goal is to get our boys to try something new and different. I’m always hearing the same excuse: “I can’t...
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Sexual Abuse and the Story of DJ

When Brita led the horse out of the trailer I was astounded. I had never seen such a weak, mangy looking animal in my life. I couldn’t believe the horse was able to stand on his own.  His ribs stuck out and his coat was in patches. There were scars...
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