Stretching Adolescent Treatment Dollars

“As clinicians, we work to provide our patients with the best possible therapy,” notes Dr. Triston Morgan. “But we also need to be sensitive to the most cost efficient delivery.”        

Dr. Morgan serves as Admissions Director at Discovery Academy, Oxbow Academy’s sister program.           

He and co-author D. Russell Crane of Brigham Young University were recently published in the October 2010 issue of The Journal of Marital and Family Therapy.         

Their article, “Cost Effectiveness of Family-based Substance Abuse Treatment,” examined eight family-based substance abuse studies and ranked cost effectiveness. They discussed the relationship between program effectiveness and cost effectiveness, as well as the need for expanding research into specific types of family-based therapy, such as in-patient, outpatient, community, etc.         

Dr. Morgan says as families increasingly rely on insurance providers to help cover treatment costs stretching therapy dollars serves everyone’s best interest.