Step by Step

It’s a beautiful day and at the college across the street grounds crews are getting ready for the back to class crunch. I am waiting for Tom (not his real name). Standing outside his apartment I’m thinking it seems almost surreal how far he has come. I wonder if he ever envisioned this day. I wonder if his parents did.

Finished with therapy at Oxbow, Tom is living on is own – unless you count the other three guys that share his apartment. He’s working. And he’s training his new puppy to be a hunting dog. He has new friends and plans for the future.

From the blackness of abuse and abusing, Tom and his family have found the brightness of healing and hope. I am happy for him. So very happy for him. He and his family have worked and fought for this moment. They have struggled and cried and faced all manner of demons with courage, faith, and determination.

I watch as Tom puts the puppy in the truck – one he bought himself – and head off to the day’s adventure. Life is good.