Therapeutic Community

Therapeutic Community

As a therapeutic community, Oxbow uses Five Governing Principles ™ in establishing and encouraging desirable behavior. These five principles help Oxbow act as a microcosm for society at large. Students understand that behavioral expectations are not different at Oxbow than in their communities at home. They practice successfully living these principles in preparation for re-integration into family and society.

Principle Centered Community

Rule of Law: No one is above or beneath the law. There are positive consequences for obeying the law, negative consequences for disobedience. This is a natural result of individual choices. Rules promote safety and insure equality.

Relative Free Society Principle:
All of us enjoy relative freedom when we are law abiding. The freedoms we enjoy are relative to individual choices.

Collective Principle: Individual choices can and do affect everyone else in society. Students hold each other accountable for their behaviors because they understand they are all impacted by one another’s actions – either positively or negatively. Group members invest themselves in helping each other succeed.

Pressure Principle:
Pressure is a universal constant. It may fluctuate depending on our circumstances, but it is always present. Pressures may be external or internal. As pressure increases students must increase their ability to effectively handle the fluctuations.

Judgment Principle:
Students must solve their own problems. All of their decisions about managing behaviors in the group must be approved by the treatment team. Through the process of effectively dealing with group issues, students learn good judgment and how to govern themselves.

In a principle-centered community, apathy is not an option. Students learn working for the common good is personally beneficial. As they actively look for solutions, students improve their problem solving, communication, and leadership skills.

Pride in Self

Personal hygiene is not only a matter of comfort and cleanliness, it’s also a therapeutic tool. Each student must shower at least once a day. Oxbow Academy provides any necessary hygiene supplies. Students are also required to wash their hands before and after meals, after working, and before any food preparation. Students are expected to maintain their hair in neat and appropriate styles and monthly haircuts are arranged. Facial hair is not allowed. Body piercings of any kind are also not permitted.

Peer Mentors

Oxbow Academy’s peer mentor program gives students an opportunity to develop leadership skills and demonstrate their commitment to their own well-being, as well as that of new students. Peer mentors are students who have completed Phase One of their treatment. Their daily living behaviors, as well as therapeutic progress and academic achievements show consistent improvement. Peer mentors help new students learn and understand the Oxbow program and provide positive role models.

If you would prefer to discuss your situation with a counselor, we invite you to call an admissions counselor, at 855-676-4272.

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