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How can ART and MUSIC programs help your teen in a residential treatment center?

Where students formerly used negative outlets to manage stress or self-soothe, Oxbow Academy provides opportunities to use music and art as positive outlets. As the students’ talents increase, so does their confidence.

Therapeutically, art, and music have become widely used in the mental health industry and much research has been done showing effective evidence-based treatment outcomes.

The Oxbow academy Art and Music program provides students with the opportunity to participate in guitar lessons and beginning sketching. Academic credits are available for all arts classes. Flexible scheduling allows students to participate in all three classes.

Music Program

Oxbow has a well-established music program with professional instruction in a structured environment.

“When we first looked at Oxbow as an option, we took special notice of your music program as we know our son has responded well to music in the past. Many programs out there have a guitar or two laying around and allow the boys to play on their free time. But, when we saw [our son] play on stage with his peers we could not stop smiling. We are so happy he is taking well to the program and know that having an organized music program that can help him with his anxiety and focus on a skill rather than destructive choices is making a difference for him! Thank you again!” –parents

What about a music program for individuals with a diagnosis on the Autism Spectrum?

Oxbow’s East Campus location specializes in the treatment of boys with a diagnosis on the Autism Spectrum who are dealing with trauma, sexual addictions, and related issues. Research shows that the use of music in therapy can be adapted to the level of any participant and that there are many positive effects for individuals with Autism (ASD) including the organized sensory component of rhythm, encouragement to attempt new tasks in a familiar setting, cognitive stimulation of both sides of the brain for improved functioning, timing and playing music with others can lead to improved interpersonal communication, taking turns, and responding to others in socially acceptable ways. (Read More about Autism and Music Therapy at – )

Art Program

“The aim of art is to represent not the outward appearance of things, but their inward significance.” – Aristotle (384-322 BC)

On a journey of improvement, maturity, and healing we take significant steps forward as we discover our own truths and bring them to the surface where they can be recognized and accepted or rejected giving place for new truths and progress. As a part of a whole approach to healing your teen will be given many experiences that can lead to the discovery of self in new ways. With the help of a professional environment, these discoveries can be stepping stones to a bright future. We sincerely approach every experience provided as an opportunity for growth and healing for your son.

“So much of how we see ourselves is reflected in our behavior. When there are moments of accomplishment, satisfaction, and healthy expression we all start to feel more balanced, more human and open up a bit more to accepting ourselves and our strengths or flaws. This is the beginning of healthy relationships and maturity, I think. I really love the fact that you invest so much into the boys and their opportunity to express themselves. It’s too easy for kids to get caught up in the ‘online’ or ‘technology traps’ and lose a sense of themselves and their ability to create and express in a healthy way. When I saw the boys perform on stage, in the Parent Days program, I realized then how powerful this part of your program is” –proud parent.

If you would prefer to discuss your situation with a counselor, we invite you to call an admissions counselor, at 855-676-4272.

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