Oxbow Honors Kathy Harward- Residential Excellence

Oxbow Academy spotlight Kathy Harward

If you need a staff member to follow through, a good laugh, or some chocolate, Kathy is your woman. She has been with Oxbow since 2008, and has been a backbone in our residential program. She has quite the witty sense of humor that is not only endearing with the boys, yet also brings a lot of smiles to those she works with. It allows her to connect quickly with her students, and to hold good boundaries with them at the same time. Her forwardness as a staff member allows students to know what to expect from the very beginning, yet her soft side gives them an opportunity to connect on a deeper level. She took a short break in 2014 from our program, yet realized how much she missed working with the boys here at Oxbow Academy, and quickly returned. Recently, she has been able to step into a new role as East Campus Residential Coordinator, and has helped establish a safe and structured environment for our Autism Spectrum Disorder Students.

Many people love working with Kathy and have great things to say about her. The following are just a few comments we received:

Rachelle Hamill, one of our therapists, loves that “Kathy is a great help and support. Anytime I need help, she is there and has been from the start. She always finds time to laugh about life with me, and is a great member of our team, always seeking out the best interest of the boys we work with. It’s a pleasure working with her.”

Kevin Walker, a therapist, reports, “Kathy is an amazing person to work with she constantly accepts the daily challenges that come from her position. I love that she is positive each and every day when she comes into work. She does not dwell on problems, but rather looks for solutions to difficult situations. Kathy, thank you for being amazing and bringing chocolates to work!“

Our Executive Director, Shawn Brooks, feels, “Kathy is a valuable asset to the Oxbow team. I remember when she announced that she was leaving Oxbow and taking a position at another program. It was hard to have her go and we sure missed her, yet I was incredibly happy when she came back to our team. Kathy has always been able to maintain a great balance with the boys at Oxbow. She is very loving and kind, plus able to hold the students accountable. She is a great example to all of us. Over the years I have heard many positive comments by students and parents expressing love and gratitude for the relationships Kathy had with them and how much she helped them. Kathy is awesome and we are blessed to have her on our team.”

Oxbow Honors Kathy Harward- Residential Excellence

Another therapist, Maria Watters, states, “Kathy maintains a fantastic sense of humor at work and isn’t afraid to laugh with, tease, comfort, process with, or listen to the boys. She is incredible at keeping the house in order and always has time for those who would like a minute to talk. She is flexible with us therapists as we change schedules, ask for any number of odd tasks being done (last-minute transports, check-ins with boys, etc.), and never seems to get flustered by the many changes in plans. We love you, Kathy!”

Tiffany Silva, our Admission and Marketing Director, states, “Whenever I call Kathy for a favor she always answers ‘Good morning Sunshine’ which is bound to put a smile on my face. I can’t say enough about this wonderful woman who is an essential staff member in our program and working with these boys. She is reliable, hardworking, and you can always count on her for a good laugh or some chocolate. Things that have already been said about her are true. She is also a fantastic mom who is always there for not only her own kids, but also the boys she works with. She is her own son’s number one fan as she never misses a wrestling match at North Sanpete High School. She is often some of our boys biggest supporter as well.”

Lastly her “partner in crime” and the West Campus Residential Coordinator, Doris Brunson, is so glad to have Kathy on our team. When asked about Kathy she told me, “while Kathy was working with me over here at West Campus, she was my right hand. She is so great to work with and always has your back. There is no need to tell her what to do, as she has the ability to know what to do and have it done before you know it. Kathy has a special relationship with everyone she meets and she makes you feel special. I’ve see it with staff and also with the boys. She is tough when she needs to be, and at the same time has the great foresight to know when to be gentle. Now that we share the same title at different houses, I know she has my back and I hope she knows I have hers. When there is an issue I can call her up for support and help. Thanks so much, Kathy, for all you bring to the table here at Oxbow. I love you to pieces!!!! Love ya tons, Doris, Your partner in Crime.”

Theses wonderful things said about Kathy are only the beginning as she continues to work with our program and see it grow. We are excited to have her onboard with us as we look forward to expanding our campus this upcoming year. Thank you, Kathy, for your wonderful work with Oxbow Academy!