Oxbow Academy Honors Tori Cameron

Tori Cameron is excited to be part of the Oxbow family. When Tori first came to Oxbow Academy, she worked as a Mentor. She excelled at helping students to process their emotions. She was quickly promoted to Family Services Director.

Before coming to Oxbow Academy, Tori worked as a Rehabilitation Service Provider. “Some of my clients were infants, others were elderly, and every age in between,” Tori said. “I taught them life skills and helped them gain independence on their own.”

In addition to her work experience, Tori has a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology and Master’s Degree in Forensic Psychology.

No Ordinary Days

When Tori comes into work in the morning, she starts by greeting the boys in the house that she is visiting. When parents send letters to their sons, the letters often come to Tori. She gives the letters to the boys or sends them to people who can.

Then, she takes care of whatever needs to be done that day. Tori’s responsibility is to help Oxbow families, and no day is ever the same. Sometimes, that might involve giving a tour. Other times, it might simply be answering parent’s questions.

A Calling

Like many of the young men that she works with, Tori has overcome many obstacles. The hardships that Tori has faced have motivated her to try to help other people with their own challenges.

“I really enjoy working for Oxbow. Just being able to come to work and help change the lives of the students here is very motivating,” said Tori.

In addition to having the opportunity to help other people, Tori enjoys the family atmosphere at Oxbow.

“The staff and the administrative team are all like a big family. Even the boys become part of our family,” said Tori. “We establish friendships and relationships with them and just become one big family.”