Oxbow Academy Honors Theresa Limberg

Oxbow Academy welcomes Theresa Limberg to our clinical staff. Theresa is an accomplished therapist with experience in both residential and outpatient settings.

A New Home

Theresa and her husband recently moved to Spring City, Sanpete County. They are building a new home on their 75-acre property. Theresa loves her new property because she has enough space to ride her two horses. While she has never worked with horses as a therapeutic modality until she was in a residential setting, she can feel an amazing difference in approach with her students through Oxbow’s equine program. 

“I grew up in a small town in North Dakota, and I haven’t lived in a small town in a long time. I am really loving living a rural life again,” Theresa said.

Theresa is also a mother of four adult children. She enjoys working at Oxbow because she understands that family is essential. Oxbow’s mission of bringing families together resonates strongly with her.

A Life of Experience

While Theresa has worked as a therapist in both residential and outpatient settings she enjoys the benefits of working in a residential setting.

“I like the kind of relationships that you can build in a residential setting versus outpatient. In outpatient treatment, when you are seeing people it feels like you are herding them in and herding them out,” said Theresa. “You don’t get to build a strong relationship.”

Oxbow Academy’s reputation drew Theresa to working here. According to Theresa, the school deserves its strong reputation. She appreciates the structure and strong leadership at Oxbow.

“It feels like there is more team collaboration,” said Theresa. When everyone involved in the treatment process knows what is expected of them and works together, then students can make more progress more quickly.

A Mission to Heal Families

Theresa believes that progress happens because students and families work together to make a change. Theresa said, “It is not just the student who has to change. It is the whole family dynamic.”

While new to Oxbow Academy, Theresa’s compassion and respect for clients has already earned her the respect of the students and her peers.


“I think it is important for each person, especially the clients that I serve, receive the respect they deserve regardless of the mistakes that they have made in their past.”