Oxbow Academy Honors Sam Sevy Staff Supervisor

Oxbow Academy has the privilege of recognizing one of the many employees who make the school a wonderful place to live and work. That employee is Staff Supervisor, Sam Sevy.

Sam works with the students in the Evaluation House. He makes sure they are safe, while keeping them on schedule. Because the Evaluation House is the first experience any student has at the school, it is especially important to build strong relationships with them at this stage.

Sam has shown a talent for building a relationship with students while still holding them accountable and helping implement therapists’ instructions.

While Sam has only worked at Oxbow Academy for 15 months, he has quickly earned the respect of the students and his co-workers with his willingness to help anyone in need.

“I’ve had the pleasure to know Sam from the day he arrived,” said Deborah Dahl, East Campus Office Manager. “He has always been so easy going, patient, and kind to everyone. He has a big heart and fits wonderfully with Oxbow’s Heartbeat. He listens to the students’ issues, and he helps them find a new direction to solve their problems.”

Sam works in the Evaluation House. As part of this house, he is able to get to know each new incoming student. He works hard to show personal concern for each new student that he meets.

“He has taken time to get to know each and every boy and has built such a great relationship with each and every one of them. He is respected by the boys as well as staff and management,” said Doris Brunson, Evaluation House Coordinator.

Part of the reason for Sam’s success is that he makes a consistent effort to improve so that he can do the best job possible.

“Sam has always been committed to communicating with the clinical team for the needs of a student,” said Brittany Harward, a therapist at Oxbow Academy. “He is kind and responds well when given feedback, often striving to improve his skills and relationships with our team and boys, for the benefit and progress of our students.”

Striving to be the best he can be has been a part of Sam’s character for a long time.
Sam was a high school athlete. He was part of his school’s wrestling team and football team. Sam credits high school athletics with teaching him how to do difficult things and never give up. During his sophomore year of high school, Sam broke his leg during a football game. He continued on with the game for three plays with a broken leg.

That experience taught Sam that it is important to work hard and be accountable, even in difficult circumstances. It is a lesson that he tries to pass on to others.

“During school, he keeps us informed of any issues that arise,” said Cindy Lindsay, Academic Director. “He knows how to hold the boys accountable and makes them work. The boys respect him and learn that he wants what is best for them.”

Sam has loved sports all of his life. He also enjoys hunting, fishing, and camping.

Oxbow Academy is grateful to have Sam Sevy as part of the team.