Oxbow Academy Honors Kristen Snow Medical Director

Celebrating Kristen Snow

Oxbow Academy wants to recognize Kristen Snow’s hard work. We are fortunate to have Kristen as our Medical Director.

Kristen’s Experience

Kristen doesn’t remember a time when she did not know about Oxbow Academy since a family member works for the school for troubled youth. He always spoke highly of the school. Kristen developed a strong desire to work for the school and has always cared a great deal about helping others. She began working for Oxbow Academy as a mentor. She worked as a mentor for two years before going back to school to complete her nursing degree.

While working as a mentor, Kristen was able to see the way that the clinical director, therapists, and support staff worked together to help troubled teens. She appreciated their dedication and enjoyed being part of that team. So, when Kristen graduated from nursing school, she chose to return to Oxbow Academy. Oxbow Academy is grateful that she did.

Kristen is a caring professional who puts compassion into everything she does. Whether she is treating an injury or discussing medication with the doctor, Kristen’s desire to help other people shows through. As a mother of three, Kristin cares deeply about young people. When she sees a young man who is struggling, she finds it difficult not to mother them. However, Kristen has seen that in spite of the challenges students face, they ultimately find success. Knowing that students will leave Oxbow Academy physically and mentally healthier than they came makes Kristen enjoy her work.

Praise for Kristen

Kristen’s coworkers had this to say about her:

Todd Spaulding

“Kristen has so many good attributes it’s hard to know where to begin. Kristen is a real go-getter. She loves a challenge and does her best in everything that she does. She was that way as a mentor years ago and now after going to school to get her nursing degree she is still that way but has a deeper capacity to love, care, and help the boys in the Oxbow program. We are extremely grateful to have her and the boys of the Oxbow program will benefit from her hard work and dedication.”

Cindy Lindsay, Academic Director

“Kristen has been amazing! She has been so fun to work with and I love how she keeps me informed on the boys. She goes out of her way to make sure that the boys’ needs are being met. She had to move mountains when she first arrived and she moved it! Thanks, Kristen, for all you do!”

Troy Shore, Therapist

“She is always quick to respond even on holidays and during off-hours. Works harder than anyone I know.”

Brittany Harward, Therapist

“Kristen has been very responsive and goes above and beyond, taking on challenges she has never done before to go support our boys and team!”

Aleesha Bailey, Family Service Director

“Kristen is amazing! She truly loves the boys and treats them like her own. She is always patient and willing to listen and give her time to them!”

Tiffany Silva Herlin, Admission Director

“We are so lucky to have Kristen on our team and managing our medical department. She is very organized and passionate about what she does. She cares deeply about doing a good job correctly not only for Oxbow, but for the families she works with. She is a wonderful team player!”

Kristen’s Message

Kristen had her own message for parents. Kristen wants parents to know that when they send their sons to Oxbow Academy, they are not going to a sterile environment. The people who work with their sons are genuinely caring. They do more than meet their sons’ basic needs. The people who work at Oxbow Academy find a balance between caring and structure. This allows the young men who come to Oxbow Academy the best opportunity to heal.