Oxbow Academy Honors Julie Anderson, HR Director


Oxbow Academy is honoring a wonderful woman who is passionate about helping the families and students she works with. Julie Anderson originally started at Oxbow Academy in 2013, as a mentor, and moved up to become a shift supervisor. Eventually, she was asked to be our family service director for many reasons. She not only is great at understanding people, being a shoulder to cry on, and incredibly supportive but could personally relate with each of our families who placed their child in our care because she too had placed one of her own children in a residential treatment center before. She understood the fear, concern, and grief that went with needing help beyond what she could offer as a parent, and having to build trust with people she barely knew in order to get the help for her child. This role allowed her to share her talents with the families by supporting them through this difficult journey, and by being able to organize each of our parent seminars as well. Her favorite part of her job was not only supporting the parents, but also getting to have fun with their son at their activities, and by being able to organize our campouts we have twice a year. She definitely is passionate about her job, and the people she works with. Julie has now moved on to become our new HR director, which she is very excited about. Her ability to be detail oriented and organized has already suited her well with this new role.

Julie and her amazing husband Todd

On a personal note, Julie loves her family and husband above all other things. She often will tell us that she has one of the best husbands in the world, who would do anything for her. Her grandchildren are her world, and as long as she is with her family she is one happy lady. Some of her favorite hobbies are playing volleyball, quilting and decorating. You can often see her special touch around Oxbow Academy, as she has helped with many of our seasonal decorations.

Julie’s decorations for one of our parent seminar. She always knows how to add a nice touch to things!

When we asked others about how Julie Anderson positively affected them at Oxbow, this is the reply we got:

Jessica Lindsay, Family Service Director:

She has the biggest heart, is so caring and giving, and really understands people. She not only understands what comforting things to say to others who are struggling, but also will provide a shoulder to cry on. She has a unique ability to help people.

Deborah Dahl, Office Manager:

Julie Anderson has a great attitude towards this program. She truly believes in the mission of Oxbow and her heart beats along with Oxbow’s beat. She is very task oriented and enforces company policies and values without creating negative reactions. She is also able to delegate with clearly defined responsibility and authority. She also excels in living this organization’s values. She is truly remarkable for Oxbow Academy and the team’s approach to healing.

Cindy Lindsay, Academic Director:

Julie is Awesome!  I’m amazed at how much she can accomplish in a short period of time.  She has done an incredible job working with our parents and really cares about the boys.  I have appreciated the individual work that she has given to me in helping with the academic program.  She has been fundamental in helping with contracts and adding to the interior design of the school.  She is great to work with and I am grateful that she is a part of the Oxbow Team!!

Maria Watters, Research Director:

Julie is a wonderful person and I love that she is part of our Oxbow team! She has a knack for making people feel comfortable and making a house feel more like a home. She is a great resource for our students and definitely for our parents. I have always found Julie to be a joy to work with and her creativity, enthusiasm, organization, and spunk ensure things always stay interesting and fun, especially during parent seminars and campouts! Thank you, Julie, for all you do!

Shawn Brooks, Executive Director:

Julie is one of those types of people that don’t need to be micromanaged because she is extremely task-oriented, and when she has a responsibility she figures things out, always moving and very motivated to get things done. She has a huge heart and really cares about the boys she works with. She does a lot of the behind the scene things that are not out front that really ease the burden for the rest of her team.

Alumni Mom

Julie has been my rock. 2 boys and coming  up on four years. Julie has always laughed at my warped sense of humor.  I cherish my calls with her.  She always makes me feel comfortable when on the phone or right beside her. She jokes around with me when I want to cry.  Julie works so hard at more than just the Parent Seminar. She is behind the scenes, and always right out front.  Love You Bunches Julie.  

Julie’s is a very appreciated and valued person to our team. Thank you for all you do Julie for Oxbow Academy!