Oxbow Academy Honors Doris Brunson, West Campus Residential Coordinator


Oxbow Academy Honors Doris Brunson, West Campus Residential Coordinator

Alan Kendall, our Residential Director, along with our Administrative team, is honoring the dedication and hard work Doris Brunson has done for Oxbow Academy. Alan states, “Doris just reached her eight-year mark here at Oxbow. She has had many titles over the past eight years and is currently our West Campus Residential Coordinator. Her staff are very loyal to her and know that she is just as loyal in return. She is well known for her good sense of humor, her willingness to listen and work hard, and always having a stash of treats in her office for others to enjoy. Doris exemplifies characteristics of a strong woman with her integrity, leadership, and an ability to always uplift those around her.”

Doris is known by our students as someone they can turn to when it seems like everyone else in the world is against them; she truly puts her whole heart and soul into helping the boys and her staff with their many needs.   Doris does so much to help the boys progress through the program at Oxbow – from the moment they walk through the door, she is helping boys complete their level advancement packets, assisting them in creating the perfect mission statement, and encouraging them to do their therapy and academic assignments.  It is not uncommon for her to take late night phone calls with students or parents, and to offer a listening ear or a shoulder to cry on when needed.  She is so reliable and willing to support our therapists in whatever is needed with each of our students.

In addition to being such a great Residential Coordinator, she is also our amazing cook at the campouts the boys go to each summer. Everyone loves all the fabulous meals she creates, and the homemade goodies she brings us!  If you ever need chocolate because it has been “one of those days,” you know you can find what you need with Doris!

Many of our staff wanted to share some stories and examples of how Doris has contributed to Oxbow Academy:

Deborah Dahl, West Campus Office Manager:

Doris is everyone’s friend and every student’s surrogate mother. She listens to everyone’s problems and helps them realize there are proper ways to handle every situation.  I have personally seen Doris get down on the floor to console a student. She cries with them and understands their heartache and fears.  She loves every student and staff with all her heart and soul.  Doris is committed to helping create relationships that are honest and caring with every student.   Doris has more patience and understanding and is a shining example to every person who meets her. Doris is a dynamo!  Not to mention her Marshmallow Brownies and homemade salsa is to die for!

Julie Anderson, Family Services Director:

Doris is amazing!  I have been so fortunate to be able to work side-by-side with her from the beginning, as she was the person who trained me when I first started working at Oxbow!  I have so many great memories working with Doris – especially on the mountain when we take the boys camping twice a year; she is the most incredible cook – spoiling both the boys and the staff with all kinds of yummy food and treats (you should taste her shrimp chip dip)!  I have watched Doris through the years, and have seen a woman that loves and respects the boys completely, and because of that, they love and respect her in return!  She has taught me how to care for the boys unconditionally, while always keeping appropriate boundaries and relationships with them.  Doris does so much for the boys; she is their “mom-away-from-mom.”  It is such a privilege to work with Doris, and I’m so fortunate to be able to call her a friend, too!

Maria Watters, Research Director:

Doris is amazing! She becomes surrogate mother to many and her love for the boys can be seen in the little things she does to support and help them through whatever challenges they are facing. Not to mention she always has a smile for staff and therapists to help us get through the day as well!

Kathy Harward, East Campus Residential Coordinator:

Doris is amazing and the boys at both campuses speak highly of her.  When she is at East Campus my boys are always shouting her name to get her attention so they can get a wave or get a “Hi” from her.  Doris is caring and loving, but also good at holding the boys to higher expectations. She works with them so that they can reach their full potential.   Doris has a great sense of humor that helps to ease the tension when things get difficult.

I loved working for Doris, now I am lucky enough to have her as my partner in crime.  Doris, thank you for always working with me when I need some help with scheduling, and for being a sounding board when I want to talk about different ideas! Love you Pretty Lady!!  Thank you for all you do for me, the boys, and Oxbow!!

As you can see Doris is one of a kind and we are so grateful to have her onboard. Thank you, Doris, for all you do for Oxbow, the boys, and their family.