Oxbow Academy Honors Char’Ree Reynolds- Admission Counselor

Admissions Counselor Char’Ree Reynolds

Char’Ree Reynolds’ life has been spent dedicated to helping others. As one of the Admissions Counselor at Oxbow Academy, Char’Ree is able to put her compassion and experience to good use. It requires a unique talent to balance, organize, and maintain the many minute-to-minute challenges of a fast-paced office such as the Admissions division at Oxbow Academy. Char’Ree has the character and experience necessary for the job. 

Confidentiality as a Priority

Confidentiality is the value she keeps foremost in mind while working with Oxbow families. The ability to heal begins with being able to trust the people that you are working with, and confidentiality is the foundation of trust. 

While working as a Marketing Manager for Snow College, Char’Ree gained solid experience in leadership and mentoring. She enjoyed talking with students and promoting student productions. Char’Ree built strong relationships with the students, which is why she learned the value of confidentiality. 

Skills and Experience

Char’Ree loves working with people. Her love of working with others shows in her cheerful personality and positivity that she brings to all the people she comes into contact with. During the past several years, Char’Ree has held a variety of positions in Utah and Sanpete County. For example, Char’Ree improved her organizational and consensus-building skills by working on the city Arts Council of Spanish Fork for seven years. She developed patience and compassion while volunteering as a mentor for unwed mothers completing a social service program. She has even gained communication skills while hosting a local cable TV channel.

The Right Woman for the Job

Admissions Counselor is a challenging position. It is important because the Admissions Counselor is the first person that most families meet when they encounter Oxbow. Oxbow is proud to be represented by Char’Ree Reynolds, and have her as part of the team.