Oxbow Academy Honors Accounting and Supportive Staff


Who Runs the World? Girls!

Accounting Department and Supportive Staff Superheros

While Oxbow Academy may have many behind the scenes superheroes, we want to recognize a group of women who do a lot for our program. They are the ones who are taking care of the less thrilling, but necessary, number crunching, essential finances, relationships with parents, employee relations, benefits management, bill management, coordinating the fine details, and organizing all the odds and ends. Don’t be mistaken though: they are a group of dynamic women who know how to keep us all in line while finding the joy in their jobs! Their roles are super important to our programs functioning, yet they manage to fulfill them with quite the finesse. These women are not your ordinary accounting department and office manager, as you can see. Which is why we want to take the time to introduce and recognize them for all their effort, love, and support they give to Oxbow Academy.

Thank you to Cheryl Meibos (CFO), Lindsey Robertson (Controller), Kim Moake (Payroll/HR), Suzy Moon (Account Manager), Rachael Spaulding (Account Manager), Jenica Limb (Accounts Payable), Andrea Hughes (Office Manager), for all you do at Oxbow Academy.

Cheryl, Jenica, Lindsey, Kim, Rachael, Suzy and Andrea (from left to right)

Many of our staff at Oxbow Academy and our other sister programs wanted to express their thanks as seen below:

Ryan Walton, Redcliff Admission Director

It has been an absolute pleasure to work with such talented, driven, focused and energetic individuals. The team comprises a wealth of industry and role expertise, that directly impacts the families we work with on a very personal level. As an organization, we thrive on the hard work that ensues behind the scenes, that ensures our day to day needs are met and exceeded. These ladies raise the bar continuously and are a pivotal role in the success of the company and the families we are so fortunate to work with…

Todd Spaulding

We can’t begin to put into words how grateful we are for the office ladies and all they do. These are the people behind the scenes that make it possible for us to treat our kids and focus on improving our programs. These ladies are attuned to their responsibilities billing insurances, paying bills, and making sure our needs are met so we can provide world class treatment. When you call the main office you get a happy voice asking how they can help and they always seem so cheerful.  They are fun loving and as you can see by their photos and are willing to have a laugh and be there to brighten others days. We could not do what we do without the hard work and dedication from the ladies in the accounting department.

Julie Anderson, Family Service Director

I’m so glad we’re honoring these gals that work so hard to make our jobs easier!  I know they don’t get anywhere near the recognition or appreciation they deserve – they just quietly and efficiently do what needs to be done!  Anytime I need help or have a question, they’re always so pleasant to work with!  Amazing women and great friends. I’m so grateful for them and all they do!  

Tiffany Silva, Admissions and Marketing Director 

Each one of theses ladies is unique and talented in their own way. They have all helped me out with problem solving one way or another with a smile on their face and a willingness in their hearts. It truly is refreshing to work with women who build each other up, rather than see each other as competition. Love working with these remarkable women!

Debbie Dahl, West Campus Office Manager 

Our Accounting Group of Ladies are amazing!  Without them giving us the guidance we would surely fail.  They always go the extra mile!  Love these ladies!

Maria Watters, Research Director 

This team is incredible. The work they do behind the scenes keeps everything rolling and makes the rest of our jobs possible. They are great to work with and fantastic about answering questions and putting out fires when needed. Not to mention, their bring a welcoming smile and positive attitude at all times. Thanks, ladies!

The Board Members

The ‘Girls’, as we shall call them, are an uncommon group of professionals.  I say uncommon because I think it’s rare in the work place where there isn’t a bunch of petty gossip and duplicity, but rather genuine friendship and camaraderie.  They manage an incredibly intense and demanding work load with smiles and laughs.  Their exactness to detail and customer service to all of our sister programs as well as customers is unparalleled in the professional and friendly manner they serve the organization.  They are truly just fun to work with, whether it’s putting explosives underneath toilet seats on April Fools day or putting together a pot luck lunch and enjoying one another’s company.   Here’s to a happy bunch that just make it a pleasure to show up to work and hang with.  Thanks for all you do!  “The Boys”

Barbara Davis

The costumes say it all. These girls rock. What would we do without each and every one of them.
Thanks guys!

Our Executive Director, Shawn Brooks, sums up all that was said quite nicely with: “They are an awesome group of women and a key element to our success. Thank you for all you do!”

Accounts by day, superheros by night

Accounts by day, superheroes by night