On the Road with Experiential

   “It took a lot of work but it’s a trip they’ll never forget,” says Bill Pollock. He’s talking about trips on horseback and on mountain bikes to Utah’s spectacular San Rafael Swell and Moab.

    More than just jumping in the van and hitting the highway, Oxbow students had to be meeting their goals in residential, clinical, and academic areas. They also had to be independent level. And of course, there was that little matter of parental permission.

      The mountain bikers toured Utah’s spectacular red rock country for some slick rock riding. They put in more than 20 miles their first day out and 12 miles the second day. It’s an adventure travelers from all over the world come to experience.

    The San Rafael trip was a horseback adventure. Not only did students participating have to be level appropriate, they also had to demonstrate their ability to navigate a horse through an obstacle course as part of their horsemanship requirement.

  The riders saw coral canyons and Native American pictographs that are thousands of years old.

    Both groups combined their day activities with camping out for two nights on the Thursday through Sunday adventures.

     Besides seeing the spectacular scenery and having a great time, Bill says, “It’s all teaching moments – how to deal with all kinds of situations and be proactive. It’s about finding the positive every day.”