Oxbow Academy Honors Anita Port – Academic Excellence

Anita port Academic Excellence

Oxbow Staff Spotlight! HONORING – ANITA PORT

[blockquote]Her knowledge in media is phenomenal. She was able to provide our school with audible books that our students can check out and listen to. She is fantastic at helping to maintain our books since the wear and tear can be so hard on them. Our scanning system works so well since she does work as a media Librarian. We are very lucky to have her.
– Tiffany Silva, Admissions Director[/blockquote]

Q: How long have you been working at Oxbow Academy?
A: Almost 2 years. My husband has been working here for about 9 years, and they needed someone in the concept room. I figured one or two days wouldn’t hurt. I didn’t think there would be too much of a difference from my current job. I thought it would be kind of fun to see what it would be like working with boys who had more special needs. I worked with teens already, and I enjoyed that.

Q: What was your motivation for getting the books in audio format for the boys on campus?
A: Honestly, I just fell into that with my other job. I figured here, some of the boys needed to read the classics, and I thought it would be easier for them to listen and to follow along. I was thinking it could really help them. If we can help them learn, since they all learn in different ways, by giving them something to spark an interest it could help. They need reading for anything and everything. So we looked for ways to help them to always be learning and reading. If we can spark some interest to motivate them into reading, that is great!

Q: How has your experience working with the local school district helped you with your work at Oxbow Academy?
A: I started out as a TA at the local school district. My knowledge and training with the media and internet have helped me here. I remembered I had audiobooks which were given to me and I thought Oxbow could use them. I knew the boys could benefit from them here so I brought them over. Because Oxbow has a library, I have drawn upon my experience and organizational skills to bring it closer to the level of a public library.

Q: What do you enjoy about your job?
A: I like to learn, and I like to spark that interest in others. I also like working with the youth. I like seeing their growth.

Q: In your opinion how does the Oxbow Academy Academic Program benefit boys and their parents?
A: All parents want to see their kids succeed and I think if a student can’t learn in a regular environment, at Oxbow they are able to learn in a new way, in a controlled safe environment and realize they still have an opportunity to succeed.

Q: How has your experience as a parent or grandmother helped you with your job at Oxbow Academy?
A: The same values that I have tried to install in my kids, I try to live so I can be an example to the students here. I know I can’t force them but hope that my example may strike their interest and desire to change or improve as a person and a student. I view these kids almost as my own kids and I want them to succeed. One therapist told me, “There are no bad kids, just kids that make bad choices” and that stuck with me. All kids are good, and they can always improve their choices.
Even if I play a small part in their success I feel proud. I love to see the students succeed.

Anita started working at Oxbow in 2014. She loves seeing the boys succeed and celebrates in their achievements.

[blockquote]”Anita has been an integral part of our Academic Team. She has helped in my transition as the Academic Director. Our office would not be able to run as well as it does without her expertise. – Academic Director, Cindy Lindsay[/blockquote]