Victoria Smalling- Curriculum Center Assistant

Curriculum Center Assistant

Victoria Smalling is Head of Tutoring and a Substitute teacher. She has an Associate of Science degree from Snow College. She is pursuing a bachelor’s degree from USU-Ephraim. She is majoring in Elementary Education.

Victoria came to Oxbow Academy to get a feel for the education system because she is an Education major. Coming to Oxbow Academy sparked a desire to help the boys succeed. She loves brainstorming and finding new ways to make the program more effective.

Victoria loves seeing students succeed, especially with little things. She likes helping students pass a test or finally understanding a math concept. “I hope I can help the boys see more of their potential and then help them get there. I also want to help them see the importance of education and where that could take them.”

Victoria’s characteristics of being a hard-worker and patient make her a wonderful part of Oxbow’s academic team. In her free time, she loves spending time with her husband and drinking lots of Dr. Pepper.

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