Tyrel Hanson – Teacher

Math and Science Teacher

Math and Science Teacher

Tyrel Hanson teaches math and science at Oxbow Academy. He earned a bachelor’s degree in Biology from Utah State University with a minor in Chemistry. He has worked for Oxbow Academy since 2017. He also has four years of experience working in the public school system. Tyrel has a straightforward approach to classroom management. He said, “I often tell the boys that I’m like a police officer. If you are obeying the rules we will get along great. If you do not follow the rules you might not like me, just like a police officer.” 


He teaches with a one-on-one approach, which fits in well with Oxbow’s competency-based learning. Tyrel enjoys seeing the boys grow and mature as he works as a teacher at Oxbow. His goal is to set an example and help provide a structured classroom for students to learn in. 


Tyrel enjoys archery, the outdoors and his favorite color is green. In his free time, he also enjoys going to movies with his wife and playing with his children. 


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