Trisha Munk – Teacher


Mathematics Teacher

Trisha is currently a Mathematics Teacher at Manti High School in South Sanpete School District and at Oxbow Academy. Prior to working at Oxbow Academy, she spent time as the Mathematics Teacher at Pleasant Creek High School in North Sanpete School District. She gained experience working with youth at an all-boys home in this area. She has also spent a lot of time throughout high school helping in elementary classrooms with students and tutoring peers. Trisha is best at simplifying complicated math concepts and helping students succeed.

Trisha believes in a gentle but firm approach. She believes that it is important to build a good relationship with the students. Trisha explains, “The more they like you and respect you the more willing they will be to do what you ask them. With that though, you have to know where the line is. If you are too friendly with them then you lose their respect and they will walk all over you.”


  • Bachelors in Mathematics Education and Minor in Physics, Southern Utah University


  • Teaching math, science, and learning new things to help students succeed
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