Pinky Sue – Equine Therapy

Pinky-Sue – Equine Therapy

Pinky Sue is also one of Oxbow Academy’s broodmare mothers! She gave birth to one of our foals named “mini” which was one of the lucky foals to participate in our imprinting program. You can learn more about imprinting from the following video:

Pinky Sue is one strong willed mama! What does this strong will do for the boys and our therapy program? By working with a strong-willed horse the boys begin to understand parents and authority figures and the frustration that can occur when you are trying to get the horse to do something it simply refuses to do! This insight is a common occurrence and a very important observation to make for an adolescent boy! We love when Pinky Sue obeys and the boys celebrate a victory with patience and perseverance when they accomplish the task placed before them and our stubborn but lovely horse Pinky Sue!

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  • Each boy works Directly with their therapist and our Equine director Britta and her husband Tony. Please visit our staff page and find your son’s therapist bio there!
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