Nathan Smalling – Music Teacher


Nathan Smalling is currently pursuing a Bachelor of Science in Software Engineering with a Music Minor at Snow College. He is a classically trained cellist with more than 13 years of experience. Nathan is trained in guitar, drums, bass guitar, vocals, musical theory, and sight-singing.

Prior to coming to Oxbow Academy, Nathan organized 15 large musical performances four a touring Christian group. He also taught private cello lessons.

As a teacher, Nathan uses an experiential approach. He helps the boys learn the Music Theory they need to experience a performance. He helps students to develop the tools they need to practice and perform music.

Nathan feels passionate about helping students find a love of music. Nathan said, “If they can’t find anything else that helps them through their struggles, I hope to instill a love of music in them, and therefore the ability to escape their struggle.”

“I love how I get to show [students] the power that music has, and that they don’t have to live like they’ve been living in the past! It’s very fulfilling to help these boys. I hope to help their families’ by giving the boys a tool that will benefit their families and help them all grow closer together,” said Nathan.

Nathan loves computer programming, teaching music, and his wife. He credits his wife with having a big impact on his life.

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