Max – Equine Therapy

Max – Equine Therapy

Max, one of our favorite horses on campus, and Britta’s personal horse! Max has been working with boys and Oxbow Academy since the beginning, like Chip. When it comes to running a successful and SAFE equine therapy program you rely heavily on great horses like Max! Most of the parents who tour Oxbow will begin to see the value of equine therapy sessions and realize quickly that it is not just a horse ride or a fun break from the day, but an intense experience with the therapist and equine directors working with the boy, often one-on-one in an arena with a good horse. By setting up a scenario and working on a focus treatment area the boys are able to learn core modalities and skills that can be valuable assets for the rest of their lives! This type of program requires a horse that is patient and skilled leaving the focus on the boy and their progress. Max is a leader on trail rides and a wonderful horse to ride, making him a house favorite! You will find Max involved in almost all the equine sessions with the boys.

Here is a trail ride shot of Max leading the way with Britta in the saddle!


Our Equine Therapists


  • Each boy works Directly with their therapist and our Equine director Britta and her husband Tony. Please visit our staff page and find your son’s therapist bio there!
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