Jessica Lindsay – Family Services Coordinator

Family Services Coordinator

Jessica Lindsay is our Family Services Director

As the Family Services Director, Jessica is responsible for keeping our parents informed on how their son is doing at Oxbow through our Parent Portal, blog posts, and our parent’s Facebook page. If they have problems or questions, she’s quick to find a resolution. She hosts our Parent Seminars and is our Camp Director. Jessica has worked for Oxbow for a number of years, and brings seasoned insight into how our program can have a powerful impact on families. Her attention to detail makes for great events and wonderful family visits on campus. In her own words, “A few years ago I had a sister in residential treatment center. Even though every situation is different, I understand a little about the heartache, fears, and questions that parents may have.”

Jessica is married to her best friend; She has three amazing children, who make life worth living! She is a volleyball fanatic and loves playing every chance that she can get. She loves all things outdoors; fishing, hiking, camping, rock climbing, you name it!

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