Denise Milne – Teacher

Art Teacher

Art Teacher

Denise Milne has an Associate of Arts degree in Psychology from Snow College. She has completed college-level Art courses at Southwest Missouri State University and Brigham Young University. She is also pursuing a Bachelor of Arts degree and a secondary school teaching credential. In addition, Denise has an Art and Play Certificate.

Denise has more than twenty-five years of experience teaching studio art classes which allows her to provide an awesome art class experience for students at Oxbow Academy. She has taught art to children, teens, and adults. She is a professional artist who creates art for commissions, gallery shows, and public art shows. She is skilled in using watercolor, oils, and all kinds of drawing.

Denise enjoys making and teaching art. She understands the therapeutic benefits art can have on young people. She loves to see the boys blossom as they immerse themselves in creative activities. 

Denise’s greatest strength is that she loves her students and easily accepts them for who they are. She is a passionate educator who works hard to incorporate CORE standards in her classroom. 

Associate in Arts
Art and Play Certification


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