Craig Ogden – Teacher


Craig Ogden teaches math and computer science at Oxbow Academy. He has been a teacher for 16 years. He earned a bachelor’s from Southern Utah University in Mathematics, Computer Science and Education. He earned his Master’s degree from Concordia University in Mathematics Education. Prior to becoming a teacher, he was employed as a software engineer for six years.

Craig enjoys working with students who want to overcome their trials and become better people which is why he enjoys working at Oxbow. He has a one-on-one teaching approach that fits well with Oxbow’s competency-based learning. His goal is to help “the boys graduate with a diploma before they leave Oxbow or at least stay [up] with their classmates, then I have accomplished what I would hope.”

In his free time, Craig loves anything outdoors. He said, “If you can do it outdoors, I like it.”

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