Oxbow Academy Honors Zakary Hosking, Residential Staff


Oxbow Academy Honors Zakary Hosking, West Campus Lead Mentor

When it comes to integrity, kindness, and sincere care for the students at Oxbow, Zakary Hosking is one who really stands out.  In the short time, he’s been at Oxbow, Zak has shown that he sincerely loves and cares for each one of the boys; he truly wants to help them succeed in life.  Because of this, the boys love and respect Zak in return; they can tell that he is genuinely concerned about their well-being and progress through the treatment process.

Zak has an ability to help the boys stay focused and stick with things.  He’s very determined and such a hard worker.   If there is something that needs to be done, Zak will take care of it quickly and efficiently.  Zak is a great listener, teacher, and motivator; he possesses many of the characteristics we desire for our mentors.

The following are some things others had to say about Zak:

Jeff Hanson, West Campus Program Coordinator:

Zak has been an all-star from day one and has quickly become the backbone of day shift here at West Campus since joining our team in July. Zak is very reliable and is quick to take care of anything that is either asked of him or that he himself sees needs attention. He is a great example to the students as well. He shows this example in a very quiet and humble way. In the rare case that Zak has something to say, it is probably best to listen because he doesn’t say much unless it’s important. I have been impressed with his patience; he is able to deal with hard situations much better than most. Zak is definitely a big reason why Oxbow and the students here are so successful.”

Julie Anderson, HR Director:

“Until recently, my office was across the hall from our regulation room.  This is where a student goes to get regulated when they are upset about something and need some time away from the other boys.  Often times, Zak would be the staff going with the student into this room to process with them.  Many times when Zak was in there with one of the boys, I would stop what I was doing, and listen to things that Zak was saying – he REALLY knows how to process with them and help them calm down!  He is a great listener and always offers excellent advice to the boys.  I’ve been extremely impressed as I’ve watched Zak interact with the boys in various situations!  You can tell he really cares about them and wants to help them succeed, not just at Oxbow, but in life!  We are lucky to have Zak on our team here at Oxbow!

Corinne Makin, West Campus Mentor:

“Zak is someone that everyone looks up to, students and staff alike. He is a great example of patience and understanding and always tries to see things from others point of view. He has a way of relating to others that is extremely beneficial to the program. I have seen Zak take someone out of a conflict and completely diffuse the situation with nothing but a short conversation. I love having Zak on shift with me because he is always consistent in everything he does, and we all know we can depend on him. He has a great attitude towards life, and a contagious sense of humor, making him the type of person that everyone loves to spend time around! We love Zak! 

Thank you, Zak, for all you do for the staff and students at Oxbow!