Kathy Harward

Kathy has been with Oxbow since 2008, and has played an important role in our residential program. Her witty sense of humor is endearing with the boys, and also brings a lot of smiles to those she works with. Her sense of humor allows her to connect quickly with her students, and be able to hold good boundaries with them at the same time. She has a special relationship with those she works with which allows her straightforwardness to help students to know what to expect from the very beginning, while her soft side gives them an opportunity to connect on a deeper level. She took a short break in 2014 from our Oxbow, yet realized how much she missed working with the boys here, and quickly returned. Recently, she has been able to step into a new role as East Campus Residential Coordinator and has helped establish a structured and safe environment for our Autism Spectrum Disorder Students.


  • Kathy enjoys chocolate, attending every North Sanpete Wrestling Tournament to watch her son play or any sporting even her daughter may be cheering at, anything to do with frogs, spending time with friends, and sending funny meme’s to friends.

We were able to honor Kathy and all the work she has done for us here on our blog if you are interested in learning more about her.