Julie Anderson

Julie Anderson is our Human Resource Director

As the Human Resource Director, Julie is responsible for all things HR. If you have problems or questions, she’s quick to find a resolution. She works hard each day to recruit new staff and keep our current team happy! She can be found contributing in many areas across campus! Several years ago, Julie had a daughter at a residential treatment center, so she has a unique insight into some of the things our parents are experiencing.

Julie said this about herself: “I am married to the love of my life; I have five incredible children, three awesome sons-in-law, and two amazing daughters-in-law. But the best part of all? I have 10 adorable grandchildren that have me wrapped around their little fingers! I love to play volleyball and make quilts. I recently served as a City Councilwoman for two terms and was a volunteer EMT for 13 years.”


  • Loves to play volleyball and make quilts, volunteer EMT for 13 yrs., City Councilwoman for 2 terms, enjoys her family and grandchildren most of all!