Oxbow Academy Honors Kristen Snow Medical Director

Celebrating Kristen Snow Oxbow Academy wants to recognize Kristen Snow’s hard work. We are fortunate to have Kristen as our Medical Director. Kristen’s Experience Kristen doesn’t remember a time when she did not know about Oxbow Academy since a family member works for the school for troubled youth. He always spoke highly of the school.…

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Oxbow Academy Honors Kevin Bailey

Kevin Bailey is a clinician at Oxbow Academy. As a native of Sanpete County, Kevin has known about Oxbow for many years. He heard about Oxbow’s positive reputation in both the local community and treatment community. That positive reputation made Kevin decide to seek out an opportunity to work for Oxbow, and we are fortunate…

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Oxbow Academy Honors Tori Cameron

Tori Cameron is excited to be part of the Oxbow family. When Tori first came to Oxbow Academy, she worked as a Mentor. She excelled at helping students to process their emotions. She was quickly promoted to Family Services Director. Before coming to Oxbow Academy, Tori worked as a Rehabilitation Service Provider. “Some of my…

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Oxbow Honors Cindy Johansen Staff Excellence


We have great teachers here at Oxbow Academy, and this month we would like to honor Cindy Johansen. Cindy is one of our veteran teachers and has dedicated hundreds of hours to improve the academic performance of all students. Whether in her own classroom or through experiential activities, Cindy has made an impact in the…

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Oxbow Honors Kathy Harward- Residential Excellence

Oxbow Academy spotlight Kathy Harward

If you need a staff member to follow through, a good laugh, or some chocolate, Kathy is your woman. She has been with Oxbow since 2008, and has been a backbone in our residential program. She has quite the witty sense of humor that is not only endearing with the boys, yet also brings a…

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Oxbow Academy Honors Tony North- Equine Excellence

Oxbow Academy is recognizing and appreciating Tony North, one of our Equine Directors. Tony have been with Oxbow from the very beginning. Shawn Brooks, our Executive Director, asked them to join our facility and help establish the equine program. Shawn states that “Tony and I go back over 15 years. He was the first person to introduce…

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Oxbow Academy Honors Anita Port – Academic Excellence

Anita port Academic Excellence

Oxbow Staff Spotlight! HONORING – ANITA PORT [blockquote]Her knowledge in media is phenomenal. She was able to provide our school with audible books that our students can check out and listen to. She is fantastic at helping to maintain our books since the wear and tear can be so hard on them. Our scanning system…

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Oxbow Academy Honors Mickell Sorensen Staff Excellence

Mickell Sorensen

The last couple of months this staff has stepped up to the plate over and over again, going way above and beyond. We are excited to honor Mickell Sorensen as our staff in excellence. Mickell has been incredibly reliable as a staff and has a great rapport with the students. I also started as a…

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