Academic Success for Struggling Teens

If your son is struggling with school at Oxbow we help with Academic Success for Struggling Teens. Countless young men have graduated from high school at Oxbow Academy since I joined the program in 2008.  Many of the other boys finished therapy at Oxbow and returned home to graduate with their classmates.
While our first priority is addressing the therapy needs of our boys, we are in the business of helping students pick up the pieces of their academic lives too.  We prepare them to enter the real world – either in the workforce or preferably in colleges.  Of our students that graduated from high school while in therapy, five are currently in colleges throughout the United States where they are continuing their academic success.
We find success in therapy seems to translate to success in the classroom as well. It’s a model we want to build on. This week three students will take the SAT, an exam required by most colleges for admission. Two more boys will test later this year. High school graduation is just around the corner for two other students.
We are proud of our students and their accomplishments in the classroom and in therapy. Their futures look bright. by Richard Lee, Academic Director, Oxbow Academy