Anita Port – Concept Room Coordinator

Concept Room Coordinator

Concept Room Coordinator at Oxbow Academy

Anita is one of our concept room coordinators at Oxbow Academy. Each student at Oxbow Academy works hard to learn one concept at a time, is tested on that concept, and once they pass with an 80% grade or higher they proceed to the next concept, successfully building upon the knowledge they have learned prior and avoiding falling behind in class. We rely on our concept room coordinators to organize and help each student stay on track and progress toward their academic goals.

Anita earned her associate degree from Snow College. She has been working for the North Sanpete School District for 21 years. For seven of those years, she was a Para-Professional. Where she was honored as Outstanding Para-Professional of the year. The other 14 years and currently she has been the Library Media assistant at the Middle School.

Anita was raised in Mesa Arizona, and then in her high school years moved to a small town in Central Utah. So you could say, she got the best of both worlds. She is married and has five children. All of them are married and are starting families of their own. She has seven grandchildren and loves them dearly. Her family means the world to her and she loves to plan any kind of activity just so she can be with them. She loves reading, crafting, and the outdoors.

Anita started working at Oxbow in 2014. She loves seeing the boys succeed and celebrates in their achievements.

We were able to honor Anita and all her hard work here on a blog post if you would like to learn more about her.

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