Snow College Tour – Determined to learn

“If you are not willing to learn,
no one can help you.
If you are determined to learn, NO ONE CAN STOP YOU!” – Author Unknown

We recently went on a tour of Snow College in Ephraim, Utah. (Ranked as “The Best Two-Year College in America, Composite Scores from CNNMoney, Washington Monthly and The Best Schools) Throughout the day we realized that we have a lot of boys who are very determined to learn! It was a beautiful fall day as we ate lunch on campus. You could feel the excitement in the air as the boys were anticipating the tour of the campus.

After lunch we went to an auditorium where a representative from Snow College spoke with the boys about the different academic benefits and extra-curricular activities that the college has to offer their students. They spoke about some of the different majors offered and the careers that would be available to the boys upon graduation.

It was encouraging to hear the questions the boys asked and then to see their positive responses to the answers they received.


“A” said, “I loved it! I’ve always wanted to go to college outside of California to get away from some of the negative influences I had there. After going on the tour, I realized this is where I want to go to school! I want to go into Cosmetology.”

“C” said, “I’ve debated going to college all my life, and this helped me decide that I really want to go. I realized the sky is the limit when you’re in school! A college education should be a top priority for everyone!”

We split up into small groups of boys and staff and went with a Student Ambassador on a tour of the campus. The boys loved it! They were so polite and respectful, and asked great questions along the way.

“J” said, “It was very good for everyone to see the college, to realize there is something after Oxbow out there for us. I’m not going to settle for a mediocre job when I can push myself and get where I really want to be! I want to be a Medical Examiner.”

“L” said, “This was a big step for me because I never wanted to go to college before. This tour influenced me to want to go now! I want to go into Computer Engineering.”

After the tour, we all gathered together and discussed how it only takes one choice to determine the direction your life will go. We all have choices to make every day of our lives. Every choice steers us down a different path that will lead us to who we will be in the future. And every choice has consequences – whether they are negative or positive, that we will have to live with. It was encouraging as the boys expressed their desire to make some positive choices in their lives, so they can get the education they desire.